Property Tax Protection Program

9 Reasons People Don’t Protest Their Property Taxes

I did not protest my property taxes because…

  1. I did not know that I can. Now you know better.
  2. “My value is already low”. About two-thirds of protests are successful, regardless of the initial perception of value. You can protest both market value and unequal appraisal
  3. “You can’t beat city hall”. Not true; about two-thirds of property tax appeals are successful.
  4. I thought the appraisal district would retaliate. Not true; there are over 2 million property tax protests in Texas. Do you think the appraisal districts could retaliate against 2 million people. Also, we have never seen an appraisal district retaliating due to a protest.
  5. It would reduce the value of my house when I sell it. Not true. Ask any Realtor™; the resale value is based on the sales prices of like properties nearby. It is not based on the tax valuation. Did you determine the purchase price for your home based on the tax valuation? I’ve never met someone who did.
  6. I was afraid they would raise the value. Not possible; neither the appraisal district nor the appraisal review board can increase the value during a protest.
  7. I meant to protest my property taxes but forgot. This happens often. Consider a tax consulting firm; they will protest on your behalf each and every year.
  8. I did not protest my property taxes because I was busy. This is understandable and happens too often. Consider a service to ensure an annual appeal, the best and only certain means to minimize property taxes.
  9. I did not know how. Fair enough; tips on filing a protest and attending the hearing are available free at:


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